The internet’s best reactions to the Liberty Bridge closure … so far

Godzilla, an inside job and more.

Matthew Buchholz/Alternate Histories
Sarah Anne Hughes

The Liberty Bridge will be closed until at least Monday, after a Sept. 2 fire damaged a crucial part of the structure and it almost collapsed into the Monongahela River.

This is a bfd for the City of Bridges. About 55,000 vehicles cross the Liberty Bridge every day, as it provides a crucial connection between the South Side and, well, much of the city.

While its temporary closure is causing big headaches for commuters, it’s also giving Pittsburghers the chance to express their grief in some pretty solid jokes. Here are our favorites, so far. (Got more? Tweet them to us at @theinclinepgh.)

It all makes sense now.


It was an inside job, you guys.




Of course there are sports jokes.


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OK, this isn’t funny.