These are the favorite apps of 7 Pittsburghers you know, or should

See what apps people like Mayor Bill Peduto and chef Justin Severino can’t live without.

MJ Slaby

The Incline asked a handful of Pittsburghers to share their favorite apps (so you can add them, too). Here’s what they said:

Jason Hong ➡️ WeChat

Courtesy of CMU

Who he is: Associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Why he loves WeChat: Hong said the app isn’t well-known in the U.S., but is a popular messaging app in China. It’s helped his family members, who are from China, make friends and even connect with old classmates.

Download: Android. iOS.

Niki Kittur ➡️ Pocket

Courtesy of Niki Kittur

Who he is: Associate professor at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon and co-founder of DataSquid

Why he loves Pocket: He uses the app to save interesting websites and articles, and Kittur said it helps him “feel more in control of the overwhelming amount of information coming at me every day.” But, he also added that his true favorite app is one that’s in development by his students: Bento, which helps manage complicated phone searches.

Download: Android. iOS.

Wyatt Lash ➡️ Specialty Produce

Photo credit: Adam Milliron
Photo by Adam Milliron

Who he is: Executive chef at The Commoner, Downtown

Why he loves Specialty Produce: Lash uses the app to see pictures, tasting notes and regional facts about each ingredient.

Download: Android. iOS.

Bill Peduto ➡️ Twitter

Courtesy of the Mayor's Office

Who he is: Mayor of Pittsburgh

Why he loves Twitter: He’s obsessed. “I’m on it every hour,” the mayor admitted. If you follow him, it’s really him tweeting. Peduto says no one has his password, a fact that he said probably drives his staff a little nuts.

Download: Android. iOS.

Shannon Phy ➡️ GoMobilePGH

Courtesy of Shannon Phy

Who she is: Director of Education at The Mattress Factory

Why she loves GoMobilePGH: “It has changed my life, and I tell EVERYONE about it,” Phy wrote in an email. She said she’s constantly traveling around the city for meetings, and it makes life easier when you don’t have to interrupt a meeting to go feed the parking meter.

Download: Android. iOS.

Justin Severino ➡️ MTB Project

Photo by Adam Milliron

Who he is: Chef and co-owner of Cure and of Morcilla

Why he loves MTB Project: As an avid mountain biker, Severino said this app allows him to find all the great mountain biking trails (and not get lost) as well as track and share rides, submit photos and leave comments and reviews.

Download: Android. iOS.

Damon Young ➡️ Waze

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Very Smart Brothas

Who he is: Editor of Very Smart Brothas

Why he loves Waze: Young described the navigation app as “magic.” He said not only does the app adjust routes for traffic, but it even knows if there is a parade or a dead raccoon on the road.

Download: Android. iOS.