Barking dogs, potholes and rats: Mapping Pittsburgh’s 311 calls

Which neighborhood’s residents call 311 the most to report a pothole? Or to say thank you?

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Sarah Anne Hughes

Did you know you can call 311 just to say “thank you” to a city agency?

You can, and Pittsburghers do, especially in Beechview, Brookline and Carrick.

That’s just one of the tidbits The Incline pulled from 311 data from the past 19 months — dating back as far as Feb. 20, 2015 — published by the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. (311 is approaching its 10th anniversary in Pittsburgh, as Kim Lyons reported for Pittsburgh City Paper this week.)

Out of thousands of entries for more than a dozen types of requests, The Incline picked six categories to map: where Pittsburghers made 311 requests for barking dogs, potholes, rodents, couches on porches, sidewalk obstructions and just to say thanks to various city agencies. We picked some of these because of the volume of requests, others because of their unusual nature. The requests came via phone, the web, Twitter and the app Report2Gov.

The data set is not perfect. Because of privacy concerns, the data center doesn’t show exactly where the request was made; rather, it breaks it down by neighborhood, Census tract and other smaller divisions. (The Incline mapped the data using neighborhood information.) It also doesn’t include information on Allegheny County or PennDOT-owned roads. You can read more about the data here.

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Barking dogs



Couches on porches

Sidewalk obstructions

Thank yous