Here’s how to find your sample ballot

There are two steps. You can do it.

Joe Hall / Flickr
Sarah Anne Hughes

Election Day is just over a week away. While you’re probably more than ready for the election to be over, are you ready to actually vote?

Allegheny County’s Election Day website has everything you need to know, from approved forms of ID for first-time voters to an instruction guide for the touchscreen voting system. It now also has sample ballots by polling place. Here’s how to find those.

Step one: Find your ward and district numbers

You may know where to go to vote, but do you know your ward and district numbers? Find that information by entering your address into the Department of State’s search tool.


Step two: Get your sample ballot

Now you’ll want to use Allegheny County’s polling place locator. You need to know your municipality, ward number and district number.


Click view ballot, et voilà: a PDF version of your Election Day ballot will pop up.

Happy voting.