Take a free Uber, Lyft or Zipcar to your poll on Election Day

Enter the promo code and get $15 off to and from your polling place.

My Ride to Vote
MJ Slaby

Updated 12:56 p.m.

You may have to wait in line once you get to the polls, but at least you don’t have to drive or walk there.

Mayor Bill Peduto, a big fan of ride-sharing, tweeted this weekend that both Uber and Lyft are giving free rides to the polls.

Here’s how it works: Enter the promo code VOTEPA when using Uber or Lyft and get $15 off your ride to the polls Tuesday and $15 off your ride back.

Zipcar is also offering 60 cars in Pittsburgh free from 6 to 10 p.m. on Election night for last-minute voters.  But remember, the polls close at 8 p.m.

The company’s Drive the Vote campaign is offered across the country, and members can reserve the free Zipcars on the mobile app or online.

The Uber and Lyft rides are thanks to My Ride to Vote, a super PAC in California that supporting Hillary Clinton, Billy Penn reported. The Pennsylvania promo code was set up late Thursday.

The PAC is crowdfunding payment for as many voters as it can around the country, but it is making a special effort for Pennsylvania because, as it says on its Crowdpac page, “[i]f Donald Trump loses Pennsylvania, he won’t be President Trump.”

The PAC’s website does point out the rides are “while supplies last.”

Just before 10 a.m., the My Ride to Vote crowdfunding website had raised more than $329,000 of its $850,000 goal.

The organization wrote that “$10 to $15 gets one voter to the polls” and that the super PAC was “focused on three critically important states” — Florida, North Carolina and, of course, Pennsylvania.

Both Uber and Lyft spokespeople said their organizations were happy to be a part of something that made it easier for people to travel:

A spokesperson from Lyft confirmed the partnership, noting that it fits the company’s mission to “make it easier for people to get around their cities” and that they are “always happy to see how others use the platform to connect their communities,” Billy Penn reported.

“Whether we are getting voters to the polls on election day or riders home safely from a holiday party, we are happy to make the Uber platform accessible to organizations to help move people to the places they need to be,” an Uber spokesperson told The Incline.

Uber also paired with Google for an Election Day in-app feature that allows users to locate their polling location before requesting a ride, according to an Uber news release.

You can also go online to check your polling location and see a sample ballot.

On Friday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf signed a new law that makes ride-sharing legal across the state.

The law also created “conditions, requirements, and the regulatory framework for the operation of transportation network companies (TNCs). It also includes a number of driver and consumer protections, including ensuring insurance coverage and criminal background checks for drivers,” according to the governor’s office.

While Pittsburghers may be used to the option of Uber, the company announced on Friday that it is now also in Beaver and Lawrence counties.

P.S. Once you vote, here are tips to pass the time as you wait for election results.