Yes, the Point State Park fountain is on longer than usual

When you invite leaders from across the country to town for the National League of Cities conference, you leave your iconic fountain on.

Dreaming of summer days

Dreaming of summer days

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MJ Slaby

Updated, 11:52 a.m.

When you invite city leaders from across the country to town, you leave your iconic fountain on.

Or at least that’s what the city and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources decided to do with the fountain at Point State Park.

Typically, the fountain would have turned for the winter on Friday. (Terry Brady, spokesman for the department, said it’s usually Veterans Day aka Nov. 11.)

But this year, the fountain’s operation was extended “to support the National League of Cities event scheduled to take place in Pittsburgh” from Wednesday through Saturday, according to the park’s website.

The city’s been spruced up in other ways for the conference, too. Last month — before Halloween?! — the city put up new Christmas wreaths that were purchased with an $80,000 grant for beatification in honor of the bicentennial and the conference.

But the fountain won’t be on much longer.

You have until Sunday to see the fountain before it’s turned off for the winter, and it has limited hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Park staff will be watching the weather to make sure everything stays safe, according to park.

The fountain will be back in April 2017.