Where do Pittsburghers eat? Uber knows

Take an Uber to dinner and home? You contributed to this guide.

Nick Amoscato / flickr
MJ Slaby

If you’re taking an Uber for date night, you’re probably going to Sienna Mercato. If it’s just a regular weekend — day or night — your destination is likely Carson City Saloon.

And if you’re using Uber to go to Steel Cactus, you’re most likely going to the one in Shadyside, especially if you’re going with a date. But, if you’re just going just to have fun on a Friday or Saturday night, you’re headed to its South Side location.

Turns out Uber’s been paying attention.

The ride-sharing company used riders’ data to launch restaurant guides in 12 cities today, including Pittsburgh. (We are, after all, home of the self-driving car pilot.)

You can check out the Pittsburgh guide here. (It’s not a part of the Uber app.)

There are 14 restaurants in the ‘Burgh that make at least two of the six lists. And each list has 10 spots on it. Carson City Saloon is on the most lists at five, and Sienna Mercato and Steel Cactus each made four.

Oddly enough, Buffalo Wild Wings in Imperial made the list that considers where riders take premium Uber options, and Bruegger’s Bagels on the South Side is considered “up and coming.”

But before you say these lists are totally wrong and missing the best weekend/ brunch/ fill-in-the-blank spot, Uber knows their lists might be a little … well, different.

It’s all about trip data, including where riders are dropped off and picked up, what time of day they are going and what type of vehicle they selected, according to Uber. So that happy hour spot near work or local place that’s like 10 steps from your door aren’t going to be on the list. Uber has promised regular updates based on ridership.

Here’s an overview of each category’s top three spots:

Brunch Spots

How Uber calculated it: Rides during weekend brunch hours

  1. Carson City Saloon (South Side)
  2. Meat and Potatoes (Central Business District)
  3. The Cheesecake Factory (South Side)

Date Night

How Uber calculated it: Highest number of drop-offs for Uber premium options

  1. Sienna Mercato (Central Business District)
  2. Il Pizzaiolo (Central Business District)
  3. Penn Brewery (Troy Hill)

Local Favorites

How Uber calculated it: Total number of repeat local visitors

  1. Altius (Duquesne Heights)
  2. Bigham Tavern (Mount Washington)
  3. Burgatory (North Shore)

Most Popular

How Uber calculated it: Highest number of total drop offs (duh)

  1. Sienna Mercato (Central Business District)
  2. Carson City Saloon (South Side)
  3. McFadden’s (North Shore)


How Uber calculated it: Biggest increase in drop offs

  1. Penn Brewery (Troy Hill)
  2. The Inn At Negley (Shadyside)
  3. Clark Bar and Grill (North Shore)

Weekend Picks

How Uber calculated it: Most Uber requests on Friday and Saturday nights

  1. Carson City Saloon (South Side)
  2. McFadden’s (North Shore)
  3. Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 (North Shore)