Map: Allegheny Co. will recanvass — not recount — these 52 voting districts

Yes, that’s just 52 of its 1,322 voting districts.

Where will the county recanvass?

Where will the county recanvass?

Sarah Anne Hughes

Allegheny County’s Elections Division today said it will recanvass voting machines in 52 of its 1,322 districts, after voters in those areas requested reviews of the results in the presidential and Senate elections.

“There were 91 election districts in which 109 recanvass petitions were filed that did not contain the required minimum amount of three affidavits per election district,” per the county.

The 52 districts — most of which are in Pittsburgh — will be recanvassed at 10 a.m. Monday, Dec. 5 in the County Office Building, Elections Division Manager Mark Wolosik announced today in a press release.

Each candidate may be present in person, or by attorney, and each party or body may send two representatives to be present at the recanvass to observe. The petition/affidavits are specific to the vote for President of the United States and United States Senate.


As previously announced, the recanvass will use Elections Division staff. The election-night voting machine results tapes will be reconciled against the redundant memory flash card totals.

“We also expect that there will be no further update on this issue until after the recanvassing on Monday,” county spokeswoman Amie Downs said.

Editor’s note: Shading in map helps differentiate between neighboring districts. Boundary information was pulled from the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center. See the base map here.