Pittsburgh loves fireworks. This map shows exactly how much.

Fireworks for holidays! Fireworks for sports! Fireworks for Tuesday morning corporate splits!

Jon Dawson / Flickr
Sarah Anne Hughes

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an event in Pittsburgh must be in want of fireworks.

There are fireworks to mark the Fourth of July, naturally. Fireworks to cap off sporting events, of course. And Tuesday morning fireworks to celebrate the split of a Pittsburgh company, obviously.

The Incline asked the Department of Public Safety for information on how many permits for fireworks displays were filed between Dec. 1, 2015 and Nov. 28, 2016; who filed them; the dates of the displays; and the locations of the displays.

This request returned 42 permits, both for fireworks and pyrotechnic displays.

The locations of these displays will not surprise you. Nine permits were filed for concerts and other entertainment events at the venue previously known as the Consol Energy Center and now known as PPG Paints Arena. PNC Park followed with eight (this does not include home-run and game-winning fireworks), and Heinz Field had seven.

Did you somehow miss all of these fireworks displays? Never fear: Not one, but two fireworks displays are planned for First Night.

Two companies, both based in New Castle, dominated the list: Zambelli Fireworks (18 permits) and Pyrotecnico (six). (Neither responded to request for comment.)

Some of the points on the maps are estimates — for example, a wedding on Banksville Road did not specify the exact address. The spreadsheet provided to The Incline (check that out here) also did not specify if the display was for fireworks or a theatrical pyrotechnic display.  Based on our research, fireworks displays are shown in red; pyrotechnics and concert displays in yellow.