These drinks are inspired by the best parts of ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’

The first batch of 10 must-try holiday sweets and spirits in Pittsburgh.

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MJ Slaby

When the staff at The Commoner started thinking about Christmas, they wanted to pick a beloved holiday movie for its theme.

Last year’s was “A Christmas Story.” But this year, the staff immediately picked “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

“It’s not Christmas until you see the movie,” said Christa Maffei, director of food and beverage for the restaurant and Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh.

Plus, she said the movie is full of inspiration for holiday food and drinks. Maffei teamed up with Alex Dando, the lead bartender at The Commoner, and Aaron Grinnell, the restaurant’s operations manager, to create the seven-drink menu.

“Get the three of us in a room, and it’s comical,” Maffei said, adding that the final results were full of fun and whimsy. So how did they come up with three of those cocktails?

The obvious choice

Maffei said Grinnell has a family recipe for eggnog that he starts preparing in August. The Boss’ Nog is “lots of booze … a few eggs … decades of family tradition,” according to the menu.

Maffei said the eggnog had to be on the menu. And, of course, it had to be served in moose mugs just like the ones the Griswolds have. Maffei said she found the mugs online and bought several dozen right away.

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Tacky *and* classy

Also on the menu is a jello shot — Aunt Bethany’s Jello (Shots) to be exact.

“We’re not a college bar,” Maffei said. “… This is the only time you’re going to see us serve jello shots.”

But, they are jello shots that are both tacky and classy, she said. They’re served with a fork, after all. And if you want to say “grace” before your jello, we won’t stop you.