Pittsburgh airs PennDOT grievances on pop-up Festivus pole

Will there also be Feats of Strength … ?

Courtesy Adam Shuck / @adamkshuck
Sarah Anne Hughes

Who put a sign on a pole in Lawrenceville encouraging people to air their grievances about PennDOT?

That we can’t tell you. But it is clear that the person (or group of people) likes “Seinfeld.”

“PennDOT Festivus Pole: Air Your Grievances!” reads the sign, posted on a pole at 46th and Butler streets. One grievance, as documented by The Glassblock and Eat That, Read This’s Adam Shuck: “This enormous pole is blocking the access ramp and sidewalk. You need to adopt a different standard for cities.”

Next to “Location of concern,” the person wrote, “Right here.”

It’s a familiar complaint.  (Pittsburgh City Paper checked in with someone from Better Streets Lawrenceville. The paper also doesn’t know who did it.)

“This is a replacement pole that PennDOT installed, in coordination with the City, for a traffic signal upgrade at the intersection of 46th Street and Butler Street,” PennDOT spokesperson Steve Cowan said via email. “The installation is not complete. The Department is investigating potential changes at the intersection to address [Americans with Disabilities Act] accessibility.”

Before the pole (August 2016) and after the pole (September 2016)

Before the pole (August 2016) and after the pole (September 2016)

Google Street View

The sign, Cowan said, is not the work of PennDOT and will be removed.

Are you responsible for the sign? Get in touch: [email protected].