WATCH: Pittsburgh’s eagle cams are back

And they are better than ever.

The Harmar nest

The Harmar nest

Courtesy Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania
Sarah Anne Hughes

See you later, productivity. The Pittsburgh area’s two eagle nest cameras are back.

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania announced the relaunch of the two streams — one of a nest in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood, the other in Harmar — Wednesday. They went offline at the end of the summer.

Both cameras got an upgrade this year, as a TribLive article detailed:

This year, Audubon bought a new camera for the Harmar site, offering improved views inside their nest.


“We’ll be able to zoom in better that last year,” said Brian Shema, director of conservation for Audubon.


While the Harmar cam will provide a tighter field of view, the Hays cam will have “a much better quality stream because of upgrades,” said Bill Powers, president of PixController.


Also new this year, Harmar will have night vision at the nest.

Don’t expect much action yet. In 2016, the first egg at the Harmar nest was laid March 9, and the first hatch happened April 14. In Hays, three eggs were laid in February — on the 13th, 16th and 20th — and the first hatch occurred March 21.

As you may be aware, these eagle cams are A Thing. The Hays camera has been viewed more than 5 million times since December 2013, according to an Audubon magazine article on the community of hundreds of strangers brought together by the Pittsburgh nest.

Isn’t it nice when people come together on the internet for something that’s not horrifying?

(Except for that one time with the cat. That was pretty horrifying.)