Five of the best bad Yelp reviews of Pittsburgh landmarks

Apparently the seats at Heinz Field are too yellow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jasmine Goldband / The Incline
MJ Slaby

When it comes to Pittsburgh landmarks, most of the reviews on Yelp are, well, pretty tame.

PNC park has a great view! It’s exciting to have the fountain turned on at Point State Park! Bridges help people get where they want to go! The biggest complaints come with cost for fares and food.

But there *are* a few that stood out for their strange reasons behind low ratings. Here are the results of an unofficial Incline survey of Yelp reviews for some of Pittsburgh’s most famous spots.

Let’s start with the inclines (obviously)

You can find reviews for both the Duquesne and Monongahela inclines on Yelp, and both have 4.5 stars overall. The reviews mostly praise the inclines for being historic and providing an excellent view of the city, while also complaining about the requirement for exact change. (You’ve been warned.) But two of its more than 240 reviewers had interesting beefs with the Duquesne Incline, specifically.

First, Eric B. was mad that historic = old.

The view is cool but the rest of this place was a BEAT DOWN

I read that this thing was opened back in the 1800s  well that is great ,

SO that gives this place plenty of time to catch up with the rest of the world …

Eric B

And Eric T. was expecting more to do. Apparently looking at Pittsburgh’s skyline isn’t enough.

… the thrill only lasts 5 minutes as there is literally nothing else to do on the incline except look at Pittsburgh.

Eric T

Now, across the river to Heinz Field and PNC Park

Obviously if the reviewer is a Pirates fan or a Steelers fan, they’re giving their team’s home five stars, despite the expensive food or the team’s season (looking at you, Pirates). But there are always a few who have random qualms.

Like Josh G., who apparently doesn’t like the Steelers’ (and Penguins’ and Pirates’) colors or Heinz Field‘s seats.

Yellow seats? Did someone spill their mustard?

Josh G

Or Ed F., who is passionate about the color of his nacho chips at PNC Park.

One vendor uses a yellow chip, and the other uses a slightly white chip.  I noticed this 2 years ago but thought it was just my imagination.   And yes, even the cheese is different.

I get nachos at every sports venue,  so I kinda consider myself a nacho expert.

Read on to find out if you should get the white or yellow chips.

Ed F

FWIW, both venues also have 4.5 stars overall.

Lastly, the Fort Pitt Tunnel

Most of the city’s tunnels and bridges have positive reviews, except for those about construction (which we can’t argue with). Yet one reviewer of the Fort Pitt Tunnel (4.5 stars for this one, too, by the way) proposed something that could help her mental health. Meet BJ B.


P.S. We do have the answer to why people slam on their brakes before tunnels.