The 15 Trump-related arrests and reports that Pittsburgh police have handled since the election

The profanity of choice isn’t hard to guess.

Graffiti along Bigelow Boulevard in Polish Hill before the election. This, however, was not among the vandalism reported to police.

Graffiti along Bigelow Boulevard in Polish Hill before the election. This, however, was not among the vandalism reported to police.

Jasmine Goldband / The Incline
MJ Slaby

Since the early morning hours of Nov. 9, when Donald Trump was chosen to be the 45th president, Pittsburgh police have responded to 15 Trump-related incidents and arrests, according to a public safety spokeswoman.

Those included drunken arrests, yelling and graffitiing the F-bomb, and an ongoing investigation into a case where a man bit off another man’s ear during an argument about the president. In four of the 15 cases, police made six arrests — none of which were for rioting.

Emily Schaffer, spokeswoman for the city public safety department, said she’s aware of just one arrest in Pittsburgh that occurred during a demonstration or march since the election. That happened in the early morning hours of Nov. 9. Thirty-three Pennsylvanians, including eight from Pittsburgh, were arrested while rioting during the inauguration in Washington D.C., PennLive reported.

We asked the police bureau for information on all graffiti, incidents and arrests related to Trump between his election and Monday, roughly a week after his first full day in office. These are the incidents that Schaffer detailed.

Nov. 9 (the day after the election)

  • Brittany McAlister, 25, of Oakland was arrested via summons for disorderly conduct and false ID to law enforcement in the early morning after the election. McAlister was part of a march of college students where she yelled, “You guys must support Trump. He will get assassinated,” to officers and knocked over several trash cans, according to a criminal complaint. She also gave police an incorrect birthday and age when asked, according to police. She has a preliminary hearing this month. (Zone 4)
  • The word “racist” was written over the word “great” on signs to make them read “Make America Racist Again.” (Zone 4)
  • Police received a criminal mischief report when a person threw items — including Trump campaign signs — onto private property. (Zone 5)

Nov. 13

  • “Fuck Donald Trump” graffiti was reported. (Zone 2)

Nov. 15

  • Police received a criminal mischief report for two people in a vehicle, throwing coins out of the windows at people and yelling “Fuck Donald Trump.” (Zone 3)
  • “Fuck Trump” graffiti was found on a bus shelter. (Zone 4)

Nov. 16

  • A case of harassment was reported to police over the payment of a $100 bet over Hillary Clinton vs. Trump. (Zone 1)

Nov. 21

  • A rider refused to pay a $19 cab fare, “because Donald Trump is in office.” (Zone 3)

Dec. 30 and Jan. 2

  • Schaffer said there were “drug offenses, various” reported. These offenses were reported both days, but Schaffer told The Incline that she couldn’t “go into further detail due to the sensitive nature of the cases,” including how these offenses were related to Trump. (Zone 4)

Jan. 13

  • Pittsburgh police stopped an SUV because the left rear break light was out, according to a criminal complaint. Officers found that the driver Richard Cotton, 24, of Whitehall, didn’t have a license. Also during the stop, officers noticed the smell of marijuana and asked Cotton and his passenger about it. The passenger, Adam Neal, 34, of Perry South, had a pill bottle of marijuana, according to the complaint. Officers called for the vehicle to be towed, because there was no properly licensed driver. As the car was being towed, Cotton started yelling that it was all about money and was Trump’s fault. Neal was arrested via summons for possession of a small amount of marijuana. He has a preliminary hearing this month. Cotton was issued a traffic citation for driving while operating privilege is suspected or revoked and has a summary trial in March. (Zone 3)

Jan. 18

  • Police were contacted after a business owner confronted a person urinating outside of his business. The person asked if the owner was the police and if he voted for Trump before running away, according to Schaffer. (Zone 3)

Jan. 21 (the day after the inauguration)

  • Police pulled over James Sudduth Jr., 40, of Verona, for driving the wrong way on West Commons, according to the police criminal complaint, and officers found an open bottle of Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac and marijuana in the car. Officers found that Sudduth didn’t have a valid license and called for a tow after Sudduth’s passenger refused to supply her ID for police to verify her license, according to the complaint. While his vehicle was being towed, he yelled “Hey, I am with you. I voted for Trump, also,” according to Schaffer. Sudduth was arrested via summons for possession of a small amount of marijuana, restriction on alcoholic beverages in vehicle, (driving the wrong way on a) one-way roadways & rotary traffic islands, and driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked. He has a preliminary hearing in March. (Zone 1)
  • Two men were arrested after police responded to Lesvos Gyros where a customer, Derek Delre, 31, of South Side, was yelling and refused to leave. Andrew Rothey, 31, of Upper St. Clair tried to physically prevent an officer from reaching Delre, and the men refused to leave. When an officer got out his Taser, Rothey started yelling, including “This is Trump’s America,” according to a criminal complaint. The officer used his Taser on Delre for “one 5-second cycle,” before both men were arrested. Delre, 31, of South Side, was arrested for resisting arrest, criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and simple assault and has a preliminary hearing this month. Rothey was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and obstructing administration of law. He also has a preliminary hearing in February. (Zone 3)

Jan. 23