We need your help creating an Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry Bracket

We’re counting on you to tell us about your go-to fish spots.

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MJ Slaby

Update, April 5: Introducing the Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry champions

Update, March 29: Vote for the winner of the Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry bracket

Update, March 22: Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry bracket Final Four: Fish = funds

Update, March 15: Elite Eight: St. Patrick’s Day corned beef is no competition for fish

Update, March 8: Sweet Sixteen: Churches dominate, two fire halls face off in the East

Update, March 1: Vote for the Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry in our NCAA-style bracket

It’s almost Lent, and whether or not you’re Catholic, spring = Friday Fish Fry.

Maybe you try a different one each week (or on the Fridays you remember), or maybe you religiously go to the same place. But which one serves the ultimate, can’t-possibly-get-this-outside-Pittsburgh fish fry?

That’s the question we’re going to answer with the Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry Bracket. Starting with 32 contenders from all parts of Western Pennsylvania, the NCAA-style competition will let you vote for your favorite in each week’s matchups, eventually narrowing down the field to one final champion.

First, help us choose which of the hundreds of churches and restaurants and fire halls in the region will get to compete.

We’re splitting the bracket into four quadrants, which divides Pittsburgh and the surrounding area geographically:

  • North: North of the Ohio and Allegheny rivers
  • East: Between the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers
  • West: Between the Ohio River and Interstates 376 and 79
  • South: Between Interstates 376 and 79 and the Monongahela River

Important guidelines:

  • You can submit places outside of Pittsburgh proper.
  • Base your nomination on the quality of the fish — or on the overall fish fry experience.
  • Yes, restaurants and secular establishments count. Even if you’re not observing the Lenten season, who doesn’t love a great fish sandwich and macaroni and cheese?

We’ll use your suggestions to help form the opening field, and then you can come back each week to help vote your picks all the way to the top.

Send us your can’t miss fish fry locations by 5 p.m. Feb 24, using this Google form: