Crosby’s drought, Bucs’ spring success, Stallings’ impact and…Pens tanking: Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings

No, the Steelers aren’t signing Darrelle Revis or Brandon Marshall. Maybe they’ll draft Nathan Peterman.

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This is the seventh editon of the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings and since the start of the column, The Incline family has grown by 50 percent. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the term “causal fallacy,” but if not, know that this column surely fueled the impressive growth. Amazing! On to the rankings.

10. Local NFL stars

Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall

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Darrelle Revis, Terrelle Pryor and Brandon Marshall all are from the Pittsburgh area, all are (or were) available this offseason, and Steelers fans have whispered about bringing all three home. But it’s not going to happen. Marshall has already signed with the Giants, and the Steelers reportedly have no interest in Revis or Pryor. Maybe one day the NFL will require that rosters be filled with players who grew up within a 50-mile radius of each team’s stadium, and the Steelers will dominate and Tyler Palko will quarterback multiple Super Bowl champions. But that day is not coming soon, unfortunately.

9. March Madness

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Wake Forest
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More like March sadness. Pitt lost its second game in the ACC tournament to close its season 16-17. Duquesne got bounced in the 1st Round of the Atlantic 10 tournament to finish 10-22. And even Robert Morris, a program proven to be better than Kentucky, was bounced in the NEC semis to wrap up the year at 14-19. That’s a combined record on the season of 40-58. Pittsburgh desperately needs a fish to save the city’s basketball again.