Mario Lemieux, Heather Lyke, Gregory Polanco, Crosby’s goal and … twerking: Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings

We didn’t make Crosby’s goal all 10. We thought about it, though.

The Incline Illustration

It has been more than a full day now since Sidney Crosby scored his one-handed goal against the Sabres, which means it’s probably time to take a brief break from watching the highlight on a loop to cleanse the palate.

Let the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings be your sorbet.

10. Twerking

The NFL is developing an employee training video to educate players on what is and is not considered to be “appropriate” celebration activities.

Like all employee training videos, it will undoubtedly only be available on VHS and played on a TV that is strapped to a metal cart. But what’s even more likely is that the video includes multiple appearances by Antonio Brown in the “inappropriate” section. Sad!