An Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry Q&A with the priests at St. Alphonsus and St. Joan of Arc

Read this. Eat fish. Vote by 10 a.m. Monday.

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MJ Slaby

Today’s your last chance to eat at the Top Two fish frys before one is declared the Ultimate Pittsburgh Fish Fry on Tuesday.

Will it be St. Alphonsus or St. Joan of Arc? Time … and a lot of votes … will tell.

We caught up with the churches’ leaders to learn a bit more about their fry. After all, the Friday meals are about really good food — but they are also about fundraising and church community.

St. Alphonsus’ Father Kevin Fazio

Your role at the fish fry:  Fazio, who’s been at the church for two years, makes a point to stop at each fish fry to eat, but also to help with whatever he can from serving to clean up.

The best part: The weekly fish fry meals are a chance for members of the parish to come together, but Fazio said there are also a lot of people he doesn’t recognize who “drive from all over” to join and be welcomed by St. Alphonsus.

His order: Fazio said he doesn’t have a go-to order and will eat anything on the menu.

If you go: St. Alphonsus is at 201 Church Road (Wexford). The fish fry is open 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Here’s the menu.

St. Joan of Arc’s Father Phillip Pribonic

Your role at the fish fry: Pribonic, who’s been with St. Joan’s for 19 years, helps with “housekeeping,” from dishwashing to cleaning.

The best part: Parishioners take great pride in the the food they make, and the fish fry is a time for them to work together and get to know each other, Pribonic said. The hall where the fish fry is located has murals of Jesus multiplying loaves and fish, so it goes along with the fish fry and is “a constant reminder of God’s blessing to us,” he said.

His order: Baked fish and haluski

If you go: St. Joan of Arc is at  6470 Library Road (South Park). The fish fry is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Here’s the menu.

Fish fry finals
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