DeLuca to Metcalfe: Bring my early voting, same-day registration bills up for committee vote

Similar bills died in the House State Government committee last session.

Students wait to vote in November 2016 at CMU.

Students wait to vote in November 2016 at CMU.

Jasmine Goldband / The Incline
Sarah Anne Hughes

State Rep. Tony DeLuca, who represents Penn Hills, is urging Butler County’s Daryl Metcalfe to bring his early voting and same-day registration bills up for a committee vote.

Metcalfe chairs the House State Government committee, where similar bills DeLuca introduced last session died without being considered. In January, before he introduced the legislation, DeLuca told The Incline that House Republicans “should have enough guts to put it out on the floor and let members vote on it.”

In addition to bills that would allow voting 15 days before a primary or general election and same-day registration in Pennsylvania, DeLuca has introduced legislation that would increase the distance campaigners must stand from polling places, limit salaries state legislators can receive from outside jobs and require additional financial disclosures from elected officials.

“These bills represent necessary modernization of the electoral process, and outside income requirements for those who are elected,” DeLuca states in the letter, dated April 6 and released to the public today. “Each of these bills focuses on a real and pressing area that needs addressed. Our constituents have been calling for similar changes for years, isn’t it time we listen to them?”

According to a spokesman, DeLuca has not received a response to the letter. An email to a Metcalfe spokesman was not immediately returned.