Burgh Bingo! For every national hot take ever about Pittsburgh

East Liberty? Andy Warhol? Revitalized? Primanti Bros.? BINGO!

Jayna Wallace / The Incline

Oh, look! Another hot take on Pittsburgh.

The New York Times dropped a Frugal Traveler story today on the city, naturally titled:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.35.45 PM

Eye roll. Haven’t we read this before? It sure felt like it. And so we dug up a few of the most recent stories on Pittsburgh — from the likes of The New York Times and Vogue and Forbes, et. al. — and it occurred to us: BINGO!

If a writer comes to Pittsburgh to spill their ink on all of the things that make Pittsburgh so surprisingly! revitalized!, there are about two dozen people and places and words likely to have made their way into the article. Do they deserve recognition? Absolutely. But aren’t these articles just saying the same thing over and over and over? Even Primanti Bros. took note.

So here’s a bingo card you can use for today’s NYT piece — and all of those super hot takes to come.

Jayna Wallace / The Incline

Here are a few more recent articles you can play with, too.

  • September 2016, The TelegraphHow Pittsburgh became America’s most unlikely cultural capital
  • March 2016, The New York Times: Pittsburgh’s Youth-Driven Food Boom
  • February 2016, Vogue: Rust Belt Romance: How the Ace Hotel Fell Hard for Pittsburgh
  • February 2016, ForbesFrom A New Ace Hotel To Being Named The Top Food City In the Country, Pittsburgh Is The New Cool
  • July 2015, The New York Times36 Hours in Pittsburgh
  • November 2014, The Atlantic: What Millennials Love About Pittsburgh
  • July 2008, The New York Times36 Hours in Pittsburgh