Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings: NFL Draft edition

It’s draft night. Here’s a list about the Steelers. Go Pens.

NFL: 2015 NFL Draft
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NFL Draft day is upon us. It’s time to make some great picks. Nowhere in sports can you find selections as discerning as those in each week’s edition of the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings, and here is your Steelers draft edition of The Rankings. I trust you will grade it an A with a lot of upside.

10. Wide receivers

Martavis Bryant

Martavis Bryant

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No team will get a player in the draft with more potential to make a positive impact on the 2017 season than the Steelers already got this week with Martavis Bryant’s reinstatement to the team. Adding the deep threat — who reportedly added 20 pounds of muscle during his involuntary staycation from football — means the Steelers almost definitely won’t look to add another receiver in the draft to a roster that already includes Antonio Brown, Justin Hunter, Eli Rogers and Darrius Hayward-Bey. But then what do I know. The Steelers seem to add a good receiver in the draft ever year. Where they struggle is finding people who can cover good receivers.

9. The Steelers draft hat

I have bad news: If the Steelers’ draft picks are forced to put on a hat this ugly, they may refuse to sign with the team.

8. Kevin Colbert tipping his hand

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert

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The Steelers GM had his pre-draft press conference Monday. Here is what he had to say about whether the Steelers will make a trade. “Of course we are open to trading up or trading down. We will make all the calls. We will know what the cost is to go up. We will know what we can pick up to go down. We will leave ourselves open.”

And here were his thoughts on drafting a quarterback: “We’re always open to putting a quarterback in the mix. It is the most critical position in our game. If you don’t have a quarterback, then you’re probably going to be leaving your team short at some point.”

Well, I feel informed.

7. Milo Ventimiglia