These are the Allegheny County bars and businesses where you can smoke inside — for now

A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to end indoor smoking exemptions.

Pa. Dept. of Health
Sarah Anne Hughes

A Pennsylvania legislator wants to ban indoor smoking at establishments like bars and casinos — for good.

The Clean Indoor Air Act banned smoking in places open to the public like schools, theaters and restaurants, but allowed for a number of exemptions including casinos, private clubs and bars that meet a number of standards. Pa. House Health Committee Chairman Matthew Baker now wants to get rid of those exemptions, TribLive reported, and has the support of 17 other lawmakers, including Pittsburgh’s Dan Frankel, Tony DeLuca and Ed Gainey.

There are about 3,000 exempt establishments in the state, according to TribLive. Hundreds of them are in Allegheny County.

As part of an initiative to use data to target heart disease preventions, the Allegheny County Health Department obtained county-level exemption data from the state, which was published by the Western Pa. Regional Data Center. (Note: The data is from 2015, so some of these establishments may be closed or may no longer have an exemption. You can read more about the data here.)

The Incline mapped the data obtained by the county, which shows four types of establishments that can seek exemptions.

  • A Type 1 drinking establishment, shown in blue-purple, is “a bar that allows smoking throughout the entire establishment and does not permit anyone under the age of 18 in the establishment,” per the Pa. Alliance to Control Tobacco.
  • Type 2 establishments, shown in red, allow smoking in the area of the bar, “which is separately ventilated and enclosed from the restaurant area, has a separate outside entrance, and does not allow smoking in the restaurant area. Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted in the bar area of this establishment.”
  • Cigar bars (in yellow) serve alcohol, while tobacco shops (grey) do not.