Furries and the Stanley Cup? The Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings

Also…the Pirates. They’re all we’ve got for a while.

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The Stanley Cup Finals and NHL Draft are over and Steelers camp is still a month away. But there is never an offseason in the important field of ranking things. Behold the latest edition of the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings:

10. Mediocrity

The Pirates are 12-12 so far in the month of June and 22-22 since May 10th to remain six games under .500. They are a mediocre baseball team that remains just four games out of first in a mediocre division. They aren’t good and they aren’t bad … and that’s kind of terrible when it comes to knowing how to attack the remainder of the season. With the trade deadline only a month away, should the Pirates deal some young prospects and make a run at a division that is there for the taking? Or should they trade veteran assets to legit World Series contenders to build for 2018 and beyond? You can make a strong case for either one. Same as you can about whether the Pirates will win or lose their next game.

9. The haters

8. Working out at the beach

While I am on vacation at the beach this week — catch you next time, furries! — James Harrison is also on sand and in the sun. But he is decidedly not relaxing. He’s playing some form of volleyball with a medicine ball.

Harrison can expect to be “randomly” drug tested by the NFL again now or at least asked to show a valid beach tag.

7. All-Star voting

Major League Baseball All-Star voting ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. ET. No Pirates are currently anywhere near having enough votes to make the team,  but you can still vote five times today and make your voice heard. There’s also an option for write-in voting if you strongly believe that Bernie Sanders could win.

6. Having to punch people in the face

The Penguins acquired enforcer Ryan Reaves from the St. Louis Blues during last week’s NHL draft. Here is Reaves’ highlight reel: