Hott Dawgz is showing off its Ultimate Pittsburgh Food Truck trophy

Has the excitement worn off? Nah.

Rossilynne Culgan / The Incline
MJ Slaby

Hott Dawgz is keeping the Ultimate Pittsburgh Food Truck trophy they won from The Incline right where everyone can see it — at the order window.

They might move it inside the truck at some point, but for now it’s “Look, here it is!” said Natalie Domachowski, who owns the business along with Randy Gatten. Earlier this week, The Incline surprised the pair with their trophy, declaring them the winners of the bracket.

“I really had no clue,” Domachowski said. She added making the final four was already exciting, and Las Chicas  — their rival in the championship — is a popular truck.

But Domachowski credited Hott Dawgz’s win (and its popularity) to word-of-mouth; the truck is booked through the summer. (P.S. They’ll be on Federal Street outside of PNC Park before the Pirates’ games on Saturday and Sunday.)

People like the hot dogs because they aren’t average and the toppings are gourmet, Domachowski said.

“It’s a totally different spin on a hot dog,” she said.

Since the win, Domachowski said several other trucks have offered congrats. Sugar and Spice Ice Cream Truck stopped by to see the trophy, and Las Chicas urged Hott Dawgz to put more on social media, Domachowski said with a laugh.

The proof: