Nominate under-40 Pittsburghers for The Incline’s Who’s Next: Housing

Tell us about a young leader shaping the city’s housing future before 5 p.m. Thursday, July 20. 

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Sarah Anne Hughes

Update, Aug. 14: Who’s Next: Housing; These 12 people want to make Pittsburgh ‘livable’ for everyone

As part of our Who’s Next series, The Incline wants to honor the young advocates, nonprofit warriors, policy wonks, realtors and real-estate experts who are working to shape Pittsburgh’s housing future.

Who’s Next, presented by S&T Bank, allows The Incline to introduce you today to Pittsburgh’s future leaders and influencers. For our housing class, that could be activists working to preserve affordable housing in the city, employees of nonprofits spurring growth in Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods or realtors helping buyers find their perfect home.

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Use this form to nominate under-40 Pittsburghers in this field before 5 p.m. Thursday, July 20. We’ll throw the standouts a party that you can attend, too (stay tuned for details).