‘Sandlot’-themed cocktail menu at Pittsburgh’s Smallman Galley serves up summer for-ev-er

“Follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong” … especially when it leads you to these cocktails.

Rossilynne Culgan / The Incline
Rossilynne Culgan

For kids who grew up in the ’90s, a Friday night outing to the local VHS rental store was a big deal, and there’s one beloved blockbuster video that still stirs up nostalgia 24 years later: The Sandlot.

Drawing on that ’90s sentimentality, the bar at Smallman Galley is offering a Sandlot-themed cocktail menu this summer. On the menu: “The Great Spambino,” “L7 Weenie” and “Vincent Drug Store,” among other punny drinks.

The menu itself is printed on an old-school white plastic VHS jacket. The front image is designed to look like the movie cover but with Smallman Galley’s bartenders and their family in the photo instead of the Sandlot crew. Subbing in for “The Beast” is one of the bartender’s dogs — a Boston Terrier named Lizzy who’s just a bit tinier than the film’s English Mastiff.