Person who wants others to dress up like Shrek at Pittsburgh Smash Mouth concert loves ‘Shrek,’ Smash Mouth

“Shrek represents being good and having layers. Smash Mouth represent summertime, fun, and not taking things too seriously.”

Eva Rinaldi / Flickr ; slgckgc / Flickr
Sarah Anne Hughes

Smash Mouth, whose song “All Star” has been stuck in your head since seeing this headline, is playing the EQT Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta next month.

This is very exciting news for all Smash Heads (a made-up name for Smash Mouth fans), but especially for one person who wants people to dress up like the fictional green ogre Shrek from the film “Shrek” at the concert. The aforementioned “All Star” was featured in the 2001 movie, as was Smash Mouth’s cover of “I’m a Believer.”

“I am a big fan of Shrek and of Smash Mouth because I really like what they represent,” the person, who identified themselves only as General Scallion, wrote by email. “Shrek represents being good and having layers. Smash Mouth represent summertime, fun, and not taking things too seriously. Together they make a sort of complete experience.”

General Scallion posted a Craigslist ad more than a week ago asking people to come to the Aug. 5 performance dressed as Shrek while also cautioning them not to bring a live donkey.

+++IMPORTANT!+++ You can come dressed as Shrek’s assistant Donkey if you must, but DO NOT bring an actual donkey to the concert. It is probably illegal, city police will turn the animal away, and the loud party rock may agitate the donkey and cause a fuss.

The ad was picked up by Reddit and turned into a Facebook event by some other presumed “Shrek”/Smash Mouth fans. One thousand people are committed to going to the concert dressed as Shrek, while 4,400 more have expressed interest in doing so. The concert is free, by the way.

General Scallion explained that they got the idea “for dressing as Shrek because I imagined that it must be lonely being a band on the road, lost amongst all the unfamiliar faces. It would be like the way Shrek felt when he was eating alone with his good candle.”

While it’s undeniable that Shrek and Smash Mouth do sort of make a complete experience, as the general put it, it’s also a fact that the band’s relationship with the film is complicated. As then-Gawker writer Ashley Feinberg documented, Smash Mouth does not like it when you forget that they were famous before “Shrek.”

But if recent events are any indication, Smash Mouth has embraced its relationship with both “Shrek” and the many “All Star” memes. 

For their part, General Scallion just hopes all those Shreks make everyone feel comfortable.

“I hope that Smash Mouth notice us and feel a welcoming wave of relief and comfort,” they wrote. “I want them to think, ‘It’s OK now. My best friend Shrek is here. I am home. Now we can party.'”