Go check out the Uber ATG in the Strip District at this Code & Supply meetup

Two Uber software engineers will speak at an Aug. 11 event.

Auditorium in the Uber ATG headquarters

Auditorium in the Uber ATG headquarters

mj slaby / the incline
MJ Slaby

The big-name companies — UPMC, Google — are always popular locations for Code & Supply events, said the organization’s founding director Justin Reese.

And he expects the next spot to be the same. That’s because the organization is going to Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group headquarters in the Strip District.

“It’s pretty cool inside,” Reese said.

On Aug. 11, two Uber engineers will speak at a Code & Supply event in the ATG building. It’s one of the first major public events at the space since it opened in the fall, allowing a peek into the otherwise secretive and tightly-secured building.

Events at the ATG are a new part of Uber’s ongoing community outreach, said Sarah Abboud, Uber spokesperson. “We have quite a few things in the pipeline.”

And she said the event with Code & Supply, a network for software professionals, has been months in the making and was a natural fit for an event at the space where work on the software for self-driving cars happens daily.

‘My Build is Slow’

Code & Supply and Uber are pairing for a presentation with Uber software engineers followed by a Q&A. The event starts with networking, food and drinks. The presentation is at 6 p.m. Self-driving vehicle ride alongs are sold out. General admission tickets are available to the public, but registration is required.

Where:Uber ATG at 50 33rd St. (Strip District)

When:August 11, 2017 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

How much:Free

Abboud said Uber is active in various forms of community outreach such as sponsoring Kids’ Day at Schenley Plaza and taking self-driving cars to schools. Uber ATG leaders have also spoke on recent panels throughout the city.

The ATG’s previous location in the Strip District didn’t have a space to have large groups, but now does in the current location, Abboud said. Earlier this year, about 80 attendees of the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s STEM Summit toured the current ATG space, Abboud said. And Reese added he’s hoping for about 100 to attend the Code & Supply event.

Already on the calendar is an event is with BikeFest on Aug. 17, and Abboud said plans are for future events to include self-driving vehicle rides, as well.

“We want to give back to the community thats letting us use their roadways,” Abboud said.

For Code & Supply, having an event at the Uber ATG came through member Mike Riley, who has worked with Uber for about two years. Reese said he was drawn to the idea not only because it would be a look inside the space, but because the content would be relevant to the work Code & Supply members are already doing at their current jobs.

For this event, the topic is “My Build is Slow” and will use the work at Uber as a case study when looking at the speed of software that an engineer is creating. Brad Shively and Michael Knight, Uber software engineers in developer productivity, will lead the discussion. Per the event description:

Over a short period of time, we’ve seen our build grow 10x in terms of compute hours while simultaneously growing our development efforts. This should have resulted in millions of dollars of data center resources, and thousands of hours of idle developer time – but it didn’t. We’ll cover how we kept the build moving quickly, the mistakes we made along the way, and where we are going next.

In addition to special events like this once or twice a year, Reese said the organization aimed at education and networking has regular meet-up events, a co-working space in Friendship and an annual conference. Reese was also an honoree of The Incline’s Who’s Next: Technology, and Uber sponsored the happy hour for that class at Wigle Whiskey.

Big companies like Uber, Apple and Google are all hiring in Pittsburgh, Reese said, adding that many of the new members of Code & Supply are people moving into the city for work. Plus, Reese said members in his co-working space are largely doing software work remotely for different companies.

Getting people to stay in Pittsburgh or to want to come here is a goal of Code & Supply, he added. Reese and Abboud agreed that the Aug. 11 event is not just about jobs at and recruiting for Uber, but for anywhere in the city. So anyone working in software or with an interest for working in software should come, he said.