We rate this statement as Half True.

“Eighty percent of the school tax bills in the state of Pennsylvania went up over last year.”

In a campaign video.
Aug. 02, 2017

In campaign video, PA gov candidate Scott Wagner takes a ‘guess’ on property taxes

And, oddly enough, he wasn’t that far off.

State Sen. Scott Wagner in a recent campaign video.

State Sen. Scott Wagner in a recent campaign video.

Screenshot via YouTube

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner tried to school voters last week with an “educational video” featuring him standing in front of a government organizational chart blasting tax increases under consideration in Harrisburg.

Problem is, the Republican state senator from York apparently based part of his lesson on little more than a hunch.

In the campaign video titled “Drain the Harrisburg Swamp” posted on YouTube Aug. 2, Wagner criticized a $2.2 billion revenue package approved by the state Senate at the end of July that includes some targeted tax increases meant to balance the $32 billion spending plan that lapsed into law a few weeks prior.

Wagner, who’s running for governor in 2018 and voted against the bill that’s still waiting on House approval, said in the video that even modest tax increases will impact Pennsylvanians, particularly those already seeing property tax hikes heading into the 2017-18 school year.