A pirate, Wonder Woman and a unicorn: How Square Cafe is making its bathrooms more welcoming

One new sign says “Be who you wanna be, pee if you wanna pee.”

Courtesy Sherree Goldstein / Square Cafe
Sarah Anne Hughes

A pirate, Wonder Woman and a unicorn will soon grace the bathroom doors at Square Cafe in order to make the space more welcoming to everyone.

Owner Sherree Goldstein said the Regent Square cafe made the switch to unisex bathrooms about 12 years ago as part of a national push to better serve LGBTQ people.


The current bathroom signs at Square Cafe

Courtesy Sherree Goldstein

“We’re kind of a fun little place,” Goldstein said of her cafe, adding that its customers are gay and lesbian parents, transgender people and people of color. She wanted to replace the current woman/man bathroom signs with something a little more creative: “We thought it was time for a change.”

So Goldstein enlisted the designer who creates Square Cafe’s menus and shirts to make new signs for the restrooms so that “people of all backgrounds feel comfortable at the cafe, whether they’re eating or going to the bathroom,” she said.

The end result: a pirate, Wonder Woman and a unicorn, as well as two other “amazing, hilarious designs,” teased on social media that will go up Thursday at the cafe. “One says, ‘Be who you wanna be, pee if you wanna pee,'” Goldstein said.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it comes at a time when federal, state and local governments are increasingly hostile toward trans people. President Trump recently tweeted his intention to ban trans members of the military from serving, while states including Texas have moved to ban people who are transgender from using certain bathrooms.

“We’re obviously not supportive of any of the decisions he’s making,” Goldstein said of the president, so she asked herself, “How do we have fun with it and not be offensive?”

Customers can give feedback about the new signs on Square Cafe’s chalkboard.