Josh Harrison’s walk-off homer made Rich Hill the modern-day Harvey Haddix

A former Pirates hurler, Haddix had a perfect game through 12 innings once. It didn’t end well.

Josh Harrison celebrates hitting a walk-off home run against the Dodgers. John Jaso's hair was the true walk-off winner.

Josh Harrison celebrates hitting a walk-off home run against the Dodgers. John Jaso's hair was the true walk-off winner.

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The whole city is talking about Josh Harrison hitting a walk-off homer in the 10th inning of an almost no hitter. But he’s not No. 1 in our list. It’s time for another edition of the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings.

10. Mike Tomlin

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts
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Despite James Conner being a Pittsburgh hero and single-handedly saving America’s retail industry, Steelers coaches still have him listened on the depth chart behind Fitzgerald Toussaint — which means he’d be third after Le’Veon Bell returns. If Conner never plays, it could turn Pittsburgh on Mike Tomlin more than trying to half-heartedly trip a kick returner or loss in the AFC title game ever could. Get James Conner some touches, Steelers.

9. Fake Yinzers

8. Pittsburgh tuxedos

If you would like to be the most stylish person in every room, here is the site selling these great works of couture.

And did I just use one of my own tweets in a column, you ask? That’s right I did. And it will happen again.

7. New random guy at cornerback

The Steelers acquired cornerback Dashaun Phillips from Washington on Wednesday night in exchange for backup center Lucas Crowley. Phillips has played in 11 NFL games in two years, including two starts, and has 14 career tackles. Your days are numbered, Tom Brady.

6. Starling Marte

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Pittsburgh Pirates
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Starling Marte had just five extra base hits — including zero home runs — in his first 28 games after returning from a PED extension last month. But in his last six games, he has three extra base hits, two of them home runs. Assuming that Marte has not started using another banned product, we now know that his power was not drug-fueled. So I think we can all agree that it’s only fair for baseball to restart the season and play it in its entirety with Marte missing zero games. Sorry, Cubs, but you’re now tied with the Pirates at 0-0. Fair is fair.

5. @Vadarmendariz

The question surrounding Steelers camp all summer has been if, or when, Le’Veon Bell will report to the team. Countless questions have been asked to Steelers coaches and players, and undoubtedly many reporters have reached out to Bell and his agent, as well. No definite timeline was ever given. Until @Vadarmendariz asked.

She may not be on the same plane as the Adam Schefters of the world when it comes to breaking big NFL news — perhaps because she’s some person on Twitter with 246 followers who simply had a question about fantasy football — yet she did break big news on her first try. For her next feat of journalism, I request that she tweet at Ben Roethlisberger to ask him when he’s retiring.

4. Quadree Henderson

Pitt’s do-everthing offensive weapon was honored for his do-everything-ness this week by being named to the AP preseason All-America team as an all-purpose player.

Now let’s hope Henderson (and 21 other Pitt players) make the AP postseason All-America team.

3. Josh Harrison

Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill no-hit the Pirates through 9 innings and 95 pitches on Wednesday night and took the mound in the tenth with the score tied 0-0. Then Josh Harrison ruined Hill’s night by poking the first offering of extra innings over the left field wall for a walk-off winner. It was exciting. And it was hilarious.