Pittsburgh’s Phil Coyne, the legendary Pirates usher who’s seen 81 seasons with the team, gets his own day

“He hopes to continue for his 82nd season as an usher if his mind and body allow him to return,” a Pittsburgh City Council proclamation states.

Phil Coyne at the Pirates' home opener in April.

Phil Coyne at the Pirates' home opener in April.

Still from video by Cameron Hart of the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State

Phil Coyne is a fixture. He’s the kind of fixture that helps define a space, connect its past to the present and anchor the walls, even if imperceptibly.

The long-time Pittsburgh Pirates usher has spent 81 of his 99 years working with the team. In that time he’s seen everything — championship runs, stadium changes, legendary games and legends of the game, a hiatus to fight in World War II and no less than 14 presidential administrations.

Coyne was honored by the team on his 99th birthday earlier this year, just two weeks after he worked the home opener in rainy 30-degree weather. On Tuesday, Pittsburgh City Council honored him as well, declaring Aug. 29, 2017, “Phil Coyne Day” in the City of Pittsburgh.