Ben Roethlisberger is tired of all these distractions, Pittsburgh

Nobody send this to him. He seems distracted enough.

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It has now been approximately five days since Ben Roethlisberger threw five interceptions in the Steelers’ fifth game of the season, prompting some to believe that it will soon be time for No. 5, rookie quarterback Josh Dobbs, to take the job for good.

Whoa … five days, five interceptions, five games, No. 5 … what does it all mean? I have no idea. What I do know is that it’s time for an all-Roethlisberger edition of the Pittsburgh Sports Power Rankings.

10. Roethlisberger talking

Roethlisberger is undoubtedly one of the greats of his era at throwing an inflated pigskin to other humans. He is also undoubtedly one of the worst athletes of his era at communicating with other humans. To keep this column under 50,000 words, we’ll just focus on his recent utterances. This week we’ll focus on this doozy:

Uhhhh … where to start? So Roethlisberger was asked about Brown throwing the Gatorade cooler on his weekly radio hit on 93.7. If he doesn’t want to be asked questions, perhaps he shouldn’t agree to a weekly radio segment. And no one asked Roethlisberger if he didn’t have it anymore, he brought it up himself after Sunday’s debacle. Pretty much every time Roethlisberger opens his mouth, five interceptions come out. He’d be better off taking the Penguins-social-media-at-the-Trump-White-House approach to communication, and just not do it at all.

9. Big Ben’s physical fitness