Vote for the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza bracket champion

Who will be crowned champ: Vincent’s or Fiori’s? Vote by 10 a.m. Nov. 8.

Rossilynne Culgan

Update, Nov. 10: Introducing the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza Champion: Vincent’s Pizza Park 

In the saucy, cheesy battle that was the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza Final Four, two clear victors emerged to head to the championship: Vincent’s Pizza Park in North Braddock and Fiori’s Pizzaria in Brookline.

Vincent’s earned 54 percent of the vote over Slice on Broadway, while Fiori’s took 57 percent of the vote over Beto’s.

Throughout the bracket’s bouts, these two pizza powerhouses have triumphed.

Vincent’s came into the race with a fierce start, outmatching Sir Pizza with a decisive 65 percent of the vote. Then, the shop faced off against the new (and quickly beloved) Iron Born Pizza grabbing again 65 percent. In the Elite Eight matchup against Caliente, Vincent’s advanced with 60 percent of the total.

Similarly, Fiori’s got a strong start, garnering 82 percent over the sweet sauce slices at Jioio’s. In the next round, Shelly Pie put up a good fight, but Fiori’s won with 65 percent. In the Elite Eight, the parlor faced off against Proper, netting 67 percent of votes.


Throughout the course of this bracket, we’ve learned a lot about Pittsburgh pizza.

  1. Pittsburgh loves pizza. You’ve shown your sweet spot for slices by casting more than 10,000 votes.
  2. Some of you *really* love pizza — like, so much that you serve it at your wedding or stick your Tiffany engagement ring in a slice for a photo shoot.
    Blankenship Engagement Edited Blog-116
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  3. Pittsburgh pizza defies definition. Pizza has a long history in the city, and it isn’t quantified as a single type, the way Detroit, New York and Chicago pizza are. Instead, it’s defined by its variety.

You might notice something else surprising about this championship bracket: Mineo’s and Aiello’s — hailed as the two Pittsburgh faves — didn’t score enough votes to advance into the Final Four, let alone the Top Two.

And that’s quite alright with Pittsburgh pizza journalist Dan Tallarico, who shared his top picks a few weeks ago.


Pizza journalist Dan Tallarico

Courtesy of Dan Tallarico

He imagined a Slice on Broadway vs. Fiori’s showdown, which was a mighty good possibility given the staying power of Slice. But that prediction didn’t take into account the power of Vinnie Pie fans.

Now it’s up to Vinnie Pie patrons and Fiori’s followers to crown the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pizza Champion. So head out to these local shops, and grab a slice to do your research.

Vote here, or in the form below by 10 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 8 (yes, that’s the day after Election Day, so remember to vote then, too).