Late-night coffee in Pittsburgh, where you at?

It’s hard to find coffee after dark, so we tracked down the spots where you can get a dose of caffeine after-hours.

Cup & Chaucer Pitt
David Aschkenas - Strada Architects / Courtesy of Pitt
Rossilynne Culgan

Updated April 8, 2019

Pittsburgh isn’t a college town, per se, but it does have a whole bunch of colleges. So one might expect that there’d be plenty of coffee shops open into the wee hours of the morning for students to grab a late-night caffeine boost during finals week.

But alas, spots for night owls are few and far between, especially now that The Beehive has closed.

Students, you’ve got more important things to do (like studying for finals) than read every single Yelp review of Pittsburgh coffee shops, so we handled that for you and made this handy coffee guide for your #QuestForCoffee.

It’s also very useful for non-student caffeine fiends, too.