Track your workouts and meal plans in the same Pittsburgh-made app, Strongr Fastr

“There was a need to have everything in one place.”

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MJ Slaby

Forget the Google spreadsheets and tracking notebooks. A new Pittsburgh-made app combines everything users need for workouts and meal planning.

“There was a need to have everything in one place,” said Philip Schinis co-founder of Strongr Fastr (iOS, Google Play).

Unlike other fitness apps, Strongr Fastr combines exercise and nutrition into one place, so a user can turn to the same app at the grocery store, in the kitchen and in the gym, Schinis said.

Co-founders Schinis and Mary Weidner are both University of Pittsburgh graduates and after a year of beta testing, the app launched Jan. 4.

With customizable features, the app is for people of all fitness experience levels who want more than than reminders to workout, he said. “It’s for people who want a plan and to commit.”

Schinis added that it’s especially useful for those who are just getting into meal planning, because that can be overwhelming. But, he said the nutrition section is also customizable.

“It pins the sweet spot between customize and do-it-yourself,” Schinis said.

Screenshots of Strogr, Fastr

Screenshots of Strogr, Fastr

Here’s how it works

Users download the app and enter information about themselves and what they want. That includes: height and weight, what weight equipment — if any — they have access to, activity level, fitness goals and what days they can workout and for how long.

The app then generates workouts based on those answers. All the workouts are based on scientific principals of training, Schinis said.

On the nutrition side, users enter preferences like how often they want to cook, how much variety they want in their diet, their grocery budget and dietary restrictions. Users can also set the meal plans to follow specific diets including keto, paleo, pescetarian or vegetarian.

The app then uses nutrition recommendations from International Society of Sports Nutrition to meal plan and set meals that include recipes, prep time and cost per meal.

The workouts and basic nutrition is free, but the rest of the meal planning comes with the premium version of the app. Premium services cost $13 per month for a three-month subscription, $10 per month for a six-month subscription or $5 per month for a year subscription.