Argo AI resumes self-driving operations in Pittsburgh after Wednesday’s crash

The company shared new details about what the car was doing just before it was struck.

Argo AI crash
Courtesy of Dan Broughton

Argo AI has resumed self-driving car operations in Pittsburgh a day after three people were taken to the hospital following a crash involving one of the company’s autonomous vehicles.

In an email to The Incline, Alan Hall, communications manager with the Ford Motor Company, an Argo AI investor, said: “While the vehicle was being tested in autonomous mode, the driver resumed manual control prior to the collision. As part of our safety process, Argo grounded their fleet immediately after the collision to review the incident. Operations resumed today after it was clear from our video data that the other driver failed to stop for a red light.”

The crash occurred at about 10 a.m. at the intersection of 16th and Progress streets between North Shore and Troy Hill near the northern side of the 16th Street Bridge. The crash site is about a mile from Argo AI’s garage.

According to officials, a box truck ran a red light and T-boned a self-driving vehicle with four occupants inside.

A spokesperson with Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Safety said two people in the Argo AI car at the time of the crash were taken to a local hospital where they were evaluated and released. Hall listed three people from the car as having gone to the hospital as a precaution, adding, “all three were treated and released.”

The driver of the box truck, meanwhile, was to be cited for running a red light, officials said. The driver’s identity was not immediately released.

Last year, Argo AI joined the bevy of companies using Pittsburgh roadways to test and refine their autonomous vehicle fleets and related technologies. Wednesday’s collision followed another that happened across town in September. That one involved a black Nissan Sentra and a self-driving Uber Volvo XC90.