Here’s how you can support two things we all love: Pittsburgh and The Incline

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We all love Pittsburgh. We also care passionately about good journalism. It’s the intersection of these notions that drives what we do here at The Incline.

We strive to focus on the stories that matter and not just stories that incite. To focus on groups and communities often overlooked. To serve the readers of Pittsburgh. To be part of the solution.

But we can’t do it without you.

Much like cities themselves, journalism requires patronage, a buy-in from concerned stakeholders who say “I’m a part of this place and invested in its success.”

That’s why I’m inviting you to become an Incline member today.

Your support is integral for The Incline’s long-term success. Journalism is expensive. Most is supported by ads. But we’d rather ask for your help. By joining The Incline, you can help us shape the future of local journalism and Pittsburgh.

Two things we all love.

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Colin Deppen (@colin_deppen)