Pittsburgh’s official Twitter account just shared a tweet from ‘White Nationalist’

City officials say they’re investigating how it happened.

Jasmine Goldband / The Incline

At 3:14 on Wednesday, Twitter user “White Nationalist” — handle @FIGHT_4UR_RIGHT — commented on a two-month-old clip of actress Jennifer Lawrence fantasizing about cursing out President Donald Trump and capturing the encounter on video.

“THAT PERSON IS THE ACTRESS, Jennifer Lawrence. I’M SURE HER PARENTS ARE VERY PROUD,” the comment read. (Emphasis not added.)

At 3:54 on Wednesday, White Nationalist’s comment was retweeted by the City of Pittsburgh’s official account. The retweet was quickly deleted but not before being captured in the screengrab below.



The tweet posted by White Nationalist — whose Twitter bio reads: GLOBALISTS DESTROY BORDERS, LANGUAGE & CULTURE OF SOVEREIGN NATIONS. THEY WANNA DUMP TRUMP, HELP MUSLIMS & RULE THRU SHARIA LAW! (emphasis also not added) — was actually a reply that included the handles of 7 other accounts — one of them belonging to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and another to the City of Pittsburgh: @CityPGH. It’s unclear why.

By 5 p.m. on Wednesday, the City of Pittsburgh account had issued the following mea culpa.

City officials declined further comment in response to a followup email from The Incline.

Slips by official Twitter accounts aren’t unusual in business. They’re also not unusual in politics, just search Ted Cruz + porn + Twitter and you’ll see what we mean.

And by Wednesday evening, @CityPGH’s account had returned to its regularly scheduled programming.