How to get beer delivered to your door in Pittsburgh this summer

Stock up without leaving the BBQ.

Beer here.

Beer here.

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Rossilynne Culgan

It’s the unofficial start to the summer, and that means buds, burgers, and beer.

Just in case you run out of the third item on the list this weekend, fear not. You can have beer delivered directly to your door with two recently launched delivery services in Pittsburgh.

Yes, you have to be 21 to order beer. So in case any teens are reading this article, just cool it, and bookmark this until your 21st birthday. For the grown-ups in the room, here’s how to do it.


This option has been around for a few years, but in case you’re new to it: Restaurants with certain licenses can deliver beer.

Think: Pizza shops, like Caliente Pizza & Draft House, for example.

Zing Basket promises to deliver groceries (including beer) within 45 minutes.

Zing Basket promises to deliver groceries (including beer) within 45 minutes.

Courtesy of Zing Basket

Zing Basket

Zing Basket, a Pittsburgh-based company that promises to deliver groceries to your door in 45 minutes, also delivers beer. You can pick from dozens of options, sorted by single bottle, six-pack, 12-pack or case.

They’ve got your classics: Bud Light, Coors, Corona. They also stock craft brews, including local companies: Full Pint, Penn Brewery, Great Lakes. Plus, you can also find some party specialties: Four Loko and even ZIMA.

A look at the pricing:

  • 15-can 21st Amendment variety pack ($18.99)
  • six-pack of Budweiser ($8.99)
  • one can of Four Loko ($3.99)

While you’re shopping, you can also add to your cart: A bunch of snacks, fresh fruit, and hot dogs and buns (so you can debate whether they’re sandwiches).

Be sure to have your ID handy when your order arrives. Per Zing Basket’s website:

U.S. Government issued ID or Passport will be checked upon arrival of order. If you do not have an ID at the time of delivery, or you fail to provide an authentic State or Government issued ID you will not receive the order.

Beer is delivered Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. 7 p.m. Delivery is free on orders over $50. It’s $3 for orders between $21-$50 and $5 for orders under $20.

To order: Click on “beer” tab on your Zing Basket account.

Check out 100+ beer selections on Postmates.

Check out 100+ beer selections on Postmates.

Screenshot from Postmates' website


As Postmates says: “No need to go on a beer run. With Postmates, the run is done.”

The on-demand delivery company offers 175 domestic beers and 55 imported beers, ranging from Blue Moon Belgian White ($21.99 for a 15-pack) to Coors Banquet ($8.99 for a 12-pack).

While you’re there, you can also order ice, Solo cups, a bottle opener and a variety of pop.

Similar to Zing Basket, expect to have your ID ready to accept the delivery. Per Postmates, “your Postmate cannot complete the delivery if the account owner: Is not present, does not have a valid photo ID, is under 21, appears intoxicated.”

Delivery is free for orders more than $20. For orders under $20, delivery costs $3.99. The company vows to deliver your booze within 25 minutes.

To order: Click the “Drinks” tab in your Postmates account.