All of the 2018 summer fairs you have to check out near Pittsburgh

Eat fried food, play games, and get nostalgic until your heart’s content.

Dayton Fair Facebook page
MJ Slaby

There’s something about a warm night at the fair, playing carnival games and riding the ferris wheel, that gives us the picturesque summer vibes.

And while there’s no fair in Allegheny County, it’s the perfect excuse to take a short road trip out of the city for fried food, animal shows and more. Fair season picks up later in the summer, but that’s not stopping you from marking your calendar.

Here’s what you need to plan your trip:


Big Butler Fair

When: June 29 to July 7

Where: 1127 New Castle Road (Prospect)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 44

Cost: $7 before 4 p.m.; $9 after 4 p.m.

Can’t miss:

  • July 1: Check out the school bus demolition derby
  • July 5: Get a free giant sundae

Fayette County Fair Facebook page


Bedford County Fair

When: July 22 to 28

Where: 108 Telegraph Road (Bedford)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 108

Cost: $10 daily; $5 Monday

Can’t miss:

Clarion County Fair

When: July 22 to 28

Where: 137 Park Road (Fairmount City)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 63

Cost: $8

Can’t miss:

  • Daily bingo with the Lions Club

Fayette County Fair

When: July 26 to Aug. 4

Where: 132 Pechin Road (Dunbar)

Approx miles from Pittsburgh: 55

Cost: $11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday; $13 Saturday, Sunday and after 4 p.m. Monday to Friday

Can’t miss:

  • Love gone sour, suspicion and big hair.
  • July 28: See a garden tractor and dead weight tractor pull

Julia Hay of Sundance & Co / Somerset County Fair Facebook page


Westmoreland Fair

When: Aug. 17 to 26

Where: 123 Blue Ribbon Lane (Greensburg)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 42

Cost: $7

Can’t miss:

Greene County Fair

When: Aug. 5 to 11

Where: 107 Fairgrounds Road (Waynesburg)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 52

Cost: $8

Can’t miss:

  • Aug. 11: Bid at the wood carving auction

Washington County Agricultural Fair

When: Aug. 11 to 18

Where: 2151 N Main St. (Washington)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 28

Cost: $10

Can’t miss:

  • Aug. 12: Cheer on lawn mower races

Great Dayton Fair

When: Aug. 12 to 18

Where: 1249 PA-839 (Dayton)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 62

Cost: $10

Can’t miss:

  • Aug. 15: Watch the mini horse fun show

Somerset County Fair

When: Aug. 18 to 25

Where: 7842 Mount Davis Road (Meyersdale)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 81

Cost: $10

Can’t miss:

  • Aug. 20: Watch the pickup and minivan demo derby

Hookstown Fair

When: Aug. 21 to 25

Where: 1198 Pa-168 (Hookstown)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 34

Cost: $10

Can’t miss: 

  • Aug. 22: See the rodeo

Indiana County Fair 

When: Aug. 25 to Sept. 1

Where: 803 Hospital Road (Indiana)

Approx. miles from Pittsburgh: 57

Cost: $5 Saturday, Aug. 25; Free Sunday; $8 Monday, Aug. 27 to Saturday, Sept. 1

Can’t miss:

  • Aug. 30: Go to the cheese auction, then watch the milk chugging contest