Peculiar Pittsburgh

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Which of these Downtown oddities are you most curious about?

MJ Slaby

From street numbers that don’t line up to a mysterious billboard to what’s possibly one of the coolest jobs at the City-County Building — readers like you want to know more about Downtown oddities.

Earlier this month, we flipped the script on our Peculiar Pittsburgh series, turning it into a community-driven reporting project yielding stories sparked by your questions. You submitted dozens of inquiries here, our newsroom chose three stand-out questions about the Golden Triangle, and now we need you to help us pick just one.

Vote below through Tuesday, June 26 to tell us which we should answer.

Friendly competition is welcome — even encouraged — so spread the word on social media and stage campaigns in support of your favorite question.

Once you’ve picked a winner, I’ll hunt for the answer and might even ask the question asker to join the search. It works like this:

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Bummed that your question isn’t included? That doesn’t mean it’s the end for all other questions. Our staff could still investigate, we might have found the answer for you in a previous article, or your query could appear in a future voting round.

If you have a question you want us to answer, use the form below or drop us a line here.