Celebrate rosé season with these 9 Pittsburgh and Erie wines this summer

These pink-hued summer sippers are made for hot days.



Photos courtesy of SWELL and the Pennsylvania Winery Association
Rossilynne Culgan

Updated 5:00 p.m. June 20

It’s almost here: June 21, the day that marks the summer solstice, the official beginning of summer, and the longest day of the year.

It’s also known as the longest day of rosé, and several local bars are participating, so if you’re into #RoséAllDay, this is your pink-tinted shining moment.

In honor of the holiday, we pulled together a wine list of local rosés worth trying this summer, with help from the Pennsylvania Winery Association, the trade group representing Pennsylvania’s wineries.

Pennsylvania is home to more than 200 wineries, producing more than 1 million gallons of wine annually. The state is the fifth-largest grower of grapes in the nation, per the Winery Association.

“There is much to explore in the world of Pennsylvania rosés, from those made from familiar vinifera grapes like Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, to rosés made from native and hybrid grapes like Chambourcin, Steuben and Niagara,” Jennifer Eckinger, executive director of the Pennsylvania Winery Association, wrote in an email. “Dry and crisp, semi-sweet and bright, winemakers in Pennsylvania produce delicious rosés that delight every palette.”

As the shop-local movement continues to gain traction, and new breweries and distilleries open around the state, more wineries are joining the scene, too, per the Central Penn Business Journal.

In honor of shopping local and celebrating sunny days, here are nine local bottles to pop open this summer.

To track them down: Your surest bet is to contact the winery directly, or you can try your luck at Fine Wines & Good Spirits Stores or local tasting rooms like Courtyward Winery in the Strip District.

Pittsburgh-area rosés

Big Beaver Blush from Black Dog Wine Company (Oakdale)

A blend of sweet Concord and Niagara, this wine offers a touch of sweetness.

Bicentennial Blush from Glades Pike Winery (Somerset)

This popular wine combines four grapes for a burst of fresh, grapey flavors. It’s comparable to white zinfandel.

Sangue di Giove from Narcisi Winery (West Deer Township)

Expect an aromatic, refreshing Sangiovese-based rosé with notes of roses and honeydew.

Erie-area rosés

Fredonia from Arrowhead Wine Cellars (North East Borough)

Fredonia ranges from semi-sweet to sweet, with a flavor similar to a Concord but mellow.

Midway Blush from Conneaut Cellars Winery (Conneaut Lake)

Best served chilled, this medium sweet wine is made from the grapes of Lake Erie. It combines a blend of DeChauanc and Cayuga grapes to attain the blush color.

2017 Dry Rosé from Courtyard Winery (North East)

Mae using a traditional French process called “Saignee,” expect fruit notes and a smooth lingering finish.

Sunset Blush from Lakeview Wine Cellars (North East)

With a touch of sweetness, this semi-dry wine is made from Steuben grapes.

Bare Bones Rosé from Mazza Vineyards (North East)

Delicately pressed Chambourcin grapes give this wine a hint of color, delicate berry flavors and crisp acidity. A touch of summer sweetness finishes it off.

Rosé Red from Yori Wine Cellars (North East)

It’s a true blend of fruits and minerals from a new Erie winery.

Celebrate the Longest Day of Rosé in Pittsburgh

You can also celebrate Longest Day of Rosé from noon to 9 p.m. with rosé specials at several local bars. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the featured menu items:

  • $5 Rosé punch (DiAnoia’s Eatery, Strip District)
  • $6 Cantine Povero La Dama Astesana (Talia, Downtown)
  • $7 Flor Brut Sparkling Rose (Valozzi’s, Downtown)
  • $7 “Petal Drop,” with Collefrisio Rosé, hibiscus tea, house-made pink peppercorn and lavender syrup, soda, smoked lemon slice garnish (Market Street Grocery, Downtown)
  • $7 Famille Sumeire, “La Croix du Prieur,” Cotes de Provence (Smallman Galley, Strip District)
  • $10 “Rosé is Bae” with Yuu Baal mezcal, Belle Isle, honey habernero moonshine, rosé syrup, grapefruit, lime, mint (Federal Galley, North Side)

    Update: Drink specials have been updated.