Help us build the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi Bracket

Tell us about your favorite by 11 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 8.

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Update, Sept. 23: Meet the winner of the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi Bracket

Update, Sept. 14: Which pierogi will be crowned the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi? Vote now

Update, Sept. 7: Who will make the Top 2 in the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi Bracket? Vote now

Update, Aug. 31: Vote now for the Final 4 in the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi Bracket

Update, Aug. 24: Keeping it classic: Vote in the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi Sweet 16

Update, Aug. 13: Vote for the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi in our NCAA-style bracket

Nominations have closed.

Pittsburgh is a pierogi lover’s paradise.

There’s just something about the comfort food that makes our mouths water and fills us with pride at the same time. After all, Pittsburgh’s obsession with pierogies doesn’t end after dinner.

Not only are there entire eateries dedicated to it here, the pierogi makes an appearance on many menus across the city. And if you’re lucky, you’ve got a friend or family member willing to make homemade ones.

Pierogies adorn towels and paintings, come as stickers and soap, and race around the field at PNC park. The Wall Street Journal summed it up pretty well, IMO:

Some call it the Rust Belt, this constellation of deindustrialized cities and towns extending from western New York down through Pennsylvania and into West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. To me, it’s the Pierogi Belt. And Pittsburgh is the buckle.

For our sixth Ultimate Pittsburgh Bracket, we’re on a quest: To crown the Ultimate Pittsburgh Pierogi.

Nominate your favorite pierogies now, and we’ll narrow the field to 32 for an NCAA-style bracket. Tell us about pierogies from a local eatery, church group or anywhere you can go to buy the plush pillows of goodness. The criteria is up to you — from classics to modern twists, even presentation — and whatever makes it your favorite is good with us.

Sorry, grandma’s recipe doesn’t count (unless she sells them somewhere, so others can try them), but if you want us to contact her, we’d love to talk about her pierogi traditions.

We’ll use your nominations, along with our research, to create the bracket. Please submit just one per Google Form below, but submit as many Forms as you want. Pierogies outside of Pittsburgh proper are welcome, too. The more, the merrier.

Once we launch the bracket, come back and vote in each round until the winner is crowned at this year’s Pittsburgh Pierogi Festival on Sept. 23 at Kennywood Park.

Here’s some more background on our bracket process. So far, we’ve found the city’s top food truck, pizza and frozen treat, as well as crowned Ultimate fish fry spots in 2017 and 2018. Check out all of our brackets here.

Nominate your favorite pierogies using the form below or here by 11 a.m. Wednesday, Aug 8.