If you love Carnegie Science Center’s 21+ nights, get ready for this murder mystery sleepover

Just you and your closest friends — including robots.

Meet some new friends — human or not — at a new Carnegie Science Center sleepover.

Meet some new friends — human or not — at a new Carnegie Science Center sleepover.

Courtesy of Carnegie Science / photo by Renee Rosensteel
MJ Slaby

The newest event at the Carnegie Science Center checks multiple boxes when it comes to living out your dreams.

  • Want to put your “Law and Order” binge-watching to use and solve a crime? Check.
  • Wish you could play with the interactive displays made for kids without waiting in line behind *actual* kids? Check.
  • Have you always wanted to spend a night in a museum? Check.

The center’s first, 21+ overnight event — dubbed the “Murder Mystery Sleepover Adventure” — is an idea that Lamont Craven, program manager of adult programs and a Who’s Next: Tourism honoree, has had in the works for while.

Craven is always looking for new ways to bring adults to the Science Center, and this builds on its existing 21+ nights. Plus, he said, it brings a new audience to sleepovers — something the center already does for kids and families.

It’s about a love of learning and people who want to continue that learning, Craven said. “Science is for everybody.”

The Murder Mystery Sleepover Adventure goes from 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2 to 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 3.

Be sure to arrive on time, because the night starts with a happy hour and a performance that outlines the murder mystery after a science experiment goes wrong, he said.

While the displays themselves might not actually come to life, Craven said there will be actors as murder mystery characters, as well as clues in random places — so that’s a reason to pay attention to everything, even the stairwells. The sleepover will show off new parts of the building, as attendees go from spot to spot to complete challenges and workshops, like finger printing and DNA analysis, in exchange for clues. There will also be a movie to watch and Buhl Planetarium and Observatory shows, too.

There’s so much to do at the Science Center, that there’s no way to do it all in one visit, Craven said. But this is a way for people to try — especially if they turn the sleepover into an all-nighter.

Attendees will drop off their belongings in rooms that will be locked until it’s time to go to bed, when attendees can sleep (or nap) under a replica of International Space Station, in Robot Hall of Fame, or in PointView Hall with a view of the three rivers and skyline.

No, you don’t have to stay the night, but if you leave, there’s no going back for breakfast and sunrise yoga on the PointView Hall Terrace. Plus, attendees get free admission for the day — just in case you have more exploring to do.

Food and drinks are part of the $95 ticket, but it’s BYOSB  — bring your own sleeping bag (or air mattress, full or smaller.) The Science Center also put together this list of FAQs if you’re wondering about logistics:

  • No, there aren’t showers.
  • Yes, there are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.
  • And the most important pro tip: Bring a fully charged phone because outlets will be scarce.