21 pieces of pierogi swag to show your love for Pittsburgh’s favorite comfort food

“It’s almost like a smile, the shape of it.”

Put a pierogi on it

Put a pierogi on it

courtesy of love, pittsburgh; regent park naturals; and handmade arcade photo by Joey Kennedy
MJ Slaby

There’s an art to making pierogies — from pinching the edges to the toppings on the final product. So it’s no surprise that artists are drawn to this iconic Pittsburgh food.

“It’s almost like a smile, the shape of it,” and the pierogi is visually appealing, said Jennifer Baron, director of marketing and outreach for Handmade Arcade. Plus, she said, they’re versatile both in the kitchen and in art — from silk screens to crochet to jewelry and more.

It’s especially no surprise that pierogi-themed items are popular at events like Handmade Arcade and love, Pittsburgh’s three locations. From the start, the store has had pierogi-inspired items, said Monica Yope, love, Pittsburgh co-founder.

“They’re an endearing thing … it’s a great impulse buy,” she said, adding that pierogi-themed items are are great conversation starter between store staff and tourists who stop in and want to learn more about the beloved Pittsburgh food.  Pittsburghers love them, too, she said.

At Handmade Arcade, organizers are currently selecting vendors for this year’s Dec. 8 event. Baron said there’s an increase in vendors with food-related items of all kinds, matching the growing interesting in making food, going to farmers markets, and CSAs. That’s reflected in the original artwork and merchandise, she said. While Handmade Arcade doesn’t require there to be a certain number of Pittsburgh-themed items at the event, the city is reflected across mediums with slogans, buildings, places, and of course, the pierogi, which fits into that homemade feel.

“It’s kinda become a Pittsburgh mascot,” she said.

While the best thing to do with a pierogi is eat it, we rounded up this list of locally made items that will also help you show off your love for the food.

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Now, onto your shopping list.

If you want to wear your pierogi without getting potato and cheese everywhere, try:

  • Jewelry that keeps the beloved dumpling near your heart
  • This pin that can go from your shirt to your bag with ease
  • This t-shirt that combines a love of pierogies and Pittsburgh sports:

If you want pierogies in your kitchen all the time, try:

If you want to expand your pierogi love to more rooms of the house, try:

Courtesy of Regent Park Naturals

If you want to make your love of pierogies clear to the jagoff trying to Pittsburgh Left you, try:

If you need gifts for the pierogi-loving yinzers in your life, try: