Roses are red, violets are blue, writing love letters is hard, Hotel Monaco’s here for you

Visit this Downtown pop-up love letter station this month.

Send a note to your sweetie.

Send a note to your sweetie.

Photo by Cody Baker / Courtesy of Kimpton Hotel Monaco
Rossilynne Culgan

“How do I love thee?”

If you’re pondering this question around Valentine’s Day, Kimpton Hotel Monaco wants to help you count the ways.

The Downtown hotel is hosting a love letter-writing station for the month of February, and it’s open to all.

“The world today is so fast-paced and busy, especially digitally, so the chance to send a handwritten letter has more meaning and impact than it ever has,” said Kimpton Hotel Monaco‘s Cupid General Manager Rob Mallinger.

He encourages anybody — hotel guests or passersby — to head upstairs to the hotel’s living room and grab a seat at the desk to pen a love letter to somebody special.

The desk is outfitted with pretty stationery, feather pens, and fresh flowers to stoke the fire of your longing heart. The set-up is so beautiful, you might be tempted to stray from the analog ethos and snap a photo for Instagram.

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, skim the hotel’s collection of books featuring love letters and love poems from pros like Pablo Neruda and Rumi.

Inspo from the pros.

Inspo from the pros.

Photo by Cody Baker / Courtesy of Kimpton Hotel Monaco

Once your obliging ode is complete, either take it with you to deliver by hand or drop it in the tiny mailbox at the desk, and hotel staff will stamp it and send it for you.

The station will be available all month, 24 hours a day.

“I think the best part of it is that it’s unexpected. We get guests who are here and aren’t with their loved ones … so they enjoy being able to send something to their family back home,” Mallinger said. “It’s a really nice surprise for the locals who pop in to check out the hotel and the restaurant.”

It’s also the hotel’s attempt to kindle love for the art of hand-written correspondence. This is the third year for the hotel’s love letter pop-up, and the success of the program even inspired a postcard station.

“We find people walking around and exploring our public space and for them to have something interactive that they’re allowed to participate in,” he said, “just gets smiles and thank yous.”