Welcome to The Incline 2.0

The Incline’s getting a signal boost and new partners in journalism.

The Incline: Elevating the news in Pittsburgh.

The Incline: Elevating the news in Pittsburgh.

Photo courtesy of Joan Brady

Dear Incline readers,

Some personal news: we’ve got a new owner!

And, yes, that’s a good thing. As you may have heard, our parent company Spirited Media, which launched The Incline and led news sites in Philadelphia and Denver, decided to sell each site.

We landed with WhereBy.Us, a local media startup with sites in Miami, Orlando, Seattle, and Portland. As of today, it’s officially official — we’re part of the WhereBy.Us network. You can read more about them over here.

What’s new?

So what does that mean for you, intrepid reader?

  •  The Incline will still be Incline-y. We’ve still got our sass and Pittsburghese. We’ll keep monitoring the city, highlighting bright spots and challenges. We’ll continue to answer your questions in our Peculiar Pittsburgh series (ask away).
  •  We’re doubling down on serving as a guidebook to your town — think neighborhood guides, profiles of community leaders, and even more awesome events.
  • You’ll still find our newsletter in your inbox in the morning (though we’re going to give ourselves a break on the weekends and holidays #selfcare) and the format will spotlight our original reporting even more. Stay tuned for a redesign that’s going to look super on your phone.
  • You’ll see us in the community more and behind our computer screens less (we’re very excited about this).
  • We’ll continue to grow our membership program and our calendar of Incline events, both of which help to fund our work.
  • You can find us on social media in the same places (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram).
  • You can send us story ideas here: [email protected].
Rossilynne Culgan, Colin Deppen, and Lindsey Van der Veer

Rossilynne Culgan, Colin Deppen, and Lindsey Van der Veer

Photo by Michael Williams Photography / Photo courtesy of The Incline / Photo by Jasmine Goldband

Our team

We’d like to take a moment to re-introduce our team and share some staff updates.

  • Rossilynne Culgan will take the reins as director of The Incline, as founding editor Lexi Belculfine leaves Pittsburgh to join The Philadelphia Inquirer on April 8. (Send her congrats here.) You know Rossilynne from her coverage of food, culture, history, and that Pittsburgh “s” story that broke the Internet.
  • Colin Deppen, whose intrepid work informs and guides Pittsburghers, will become storytelling producer. Colin is known for orchestrating our “procrastinator’s guides” to local elections, leading our Politifact fact-checking, explaining complex legislation in easy-to-understand terms, and writing handy guides for residents.
  • Lindsey Van der Veer, our head of sales and events, will continue to design the fantastic events you’ve come to expect from us and work with partners in Pittsburgh who want to support our work and tell their own stories. If you’ve ever attended one of our Who’s Next happy hours, you’ve seen Lindsey in action.
  • In an unrelated move, reporter MJ Slaby, who helped launch The Incline in 2016, is moving to her home state of Indiana. (Send her congrats here.)

How you can help

  • Keep sharing The Incline, both online and irl.
  • Sign up for our free daily newsletter and if you really love us, become a member to support us as we head into our next phase.
  • Stay tuned for new advertising offerings for local organizations who want to connect with engaged Pittsburghers, and we’ll be teaming up with WhereBy.Us’ Creative Studio to help brands design local engagement campaigns. More on that soon.

Thank you for following along and for your support as we embark on our next chapter.

Rossilynne, Colin, and Lindsey