Nominate under-40 Pittsburghers for our next Who’s Next: Animal Advocates class

Tell us by 10 a.m. on April 15.

2019-Animal Advocates with sponsor

Update 10 a.m. April 15: Nominations are now closed.

Update, May 13: Who’s Next: Animal Advocates; 10 young Pittsburghers helping animals

I like to imagine that most of us consider ourselves pro-animal and pro-pet. We’re not monsters.

But some of us take that pro-ness to another level. And our latest Who’s Next class is all about these people: the animal advocates, the rescuers, the doctors, the whisperers,the shelterers, the pet- and animal-friendly innovators, and more.

Good animals of all kinds need good people, and we want to spotlight those good people and the good work they do for our next Who’s Next class in May. But as always, we need your help.

If you know someone who fits the bill, tell us by 10 a.m. on April 15 by filling out the form below or by submitting your nomination here. And, to be clear, we’re talking about work with all kinds of animals — dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, mammals, marine life and more — and the causes that impact them and more.

Who’s Next, presented by S&T Bank, is our chance to recognize up-and-coming dynamos in Pittsburgh and to introduce you today to tomorrow’s leaders and influencers. So, help us do that and nominate an under-40 professional in Pittsburgh animal advocacy and do it — *clears throat* — meow.

Once the honorees are announced, we’ll celebrate at a party in their honor — and you’re invited! Save the date for 6 p.m. May 29, and stay tuned for more details.