At The Incline, we believe it’s important to be transparent when we’ve gotten something wrong. Not only do we correct our errors, but we tell you we’ve done that here and where the error occurred.

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2019 corrections

Last updated May 1

The location of Guapo restaurant was corrected in a May 1 article. (Pittsburgh food in May 2019: What’s opening and what’s closing)

The number of varieties of cherry trees in North Park was corrected in an April 10 article. (6 places to find cherry blossoms in Pittsburgh)

This number of staff who worked at the National Robotics Engineering Center was corrected in a March 15 article. (This Pittsburgh startup wants to put autonomous trains of semi trucks on the road)

The name of Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure was corrected in a March 4 article. (Pittsburgh just set guidelines for self-driving vehicle testing here)

The Jan. 31 daily newsletter incorrectly identified the Wildwood Golf Club’s location. It is in Allison Park.

Degree information was corrected Jan. 15 in a bio. (Who’s Next: Fitness and Health; Meet 19 young leaders focused on Pittsburgh’s wellness)

The Jan. 9 daily newsletter incorrectly identified The Marquee’s location. It will open in Squirrel Hill.

Animal Lifeline Pittsburgh’s address was corrected in a Jan. 3 update to a Jan. 20, 2018 article. (Where to donate gently used items in Pittsburgh — from trophies to potted plants)

2018 corrections

The Nov. 10 daily newsletter incorrectly listed a quote from the Rally for Peace.

Information about a lawsuit against a Pa. Senate candidate was corrected in an Oct. 22 article. (The Pittsburgh procrastinator’s guide to Pennsylvania’s 2018 midterm elections)

The fact that there are two Mount Washington houses that are often labeled as “The Real World” house — because of course there are — was corrected in an Oct. 10 article. (No, the colorful house on Mount Washington wasn’t built for ‘The Real World’)

Degree information was corrected Oct. 3 in a Who’s Next: Art bio. (Who’s Next: Art; Meet 22 Pittsburghers making art and making a difference)

Spork Pit’s neighborhood was corrected in a Sept. 1 article (Pittsburgh food in September 2018: What’s opening and what’s closing).

Factors typically considered in observational studies were corrected in an Aug. 30 article (Does high-quality early education reduce interactions with the juvenile justice system?).

A candidate’s age was corrected, as was a town in her district, in an Aug. 8 article (A record number of LGBTQ candidates are running for state seats. Is Harrisburg ready?).

The police department that arrested East Pittsburgh Police Officer Michael Rosfeld was corrected in a July 17 article (Here’s how Pennsylvania Democrats want to improve police-community relations).

The full name of the Baylor College of Medicine was corrected in a June 15 article (Did you read that Pittsburgh is a ‘hotspot’ for kindergarten vaccine exemptions? It’s not.).

A paraphrased quote was corrected in a June 13 article (The former Pittsburgh City Paper editor is trying to Kickstart a new alt-monthly).

A June 12 newsletter incorrectly described the experiences of two former inmates at the Allegheny County Jail. The women told TribLive they were sexually harassed.